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How do we get the data into the SLS?
SLS performs regular conversions for your district through our Application Services.

What data do we need to provide?
Each setup is customized to the type of school data you make available in order to minimize changes. Data can be provided in flexible formats. For easiest, quickest conversions, providing data in a tab delimited format with seperate columns for street numbers, street address, school, etc is best. We always ask you provide a sample of your data so we can determine the best conversion process for your district. Putting us directly in contact with your data agency, staff or department will help speed the process for your data conversion as well.

How can we be sure our data is accurate before making it live in a production environment?
The SLS system contains a "testing" area for data after it is loaded. This means after new data is loaded into the system, it goes into separate database tables. There are non-templated testing search screens that allow spot checks of your data with address searches, just like a user would do. Once you are confident of the data's integrity, you notify SLS via email. SLS will replace current production data with the newly approved data.

Do we have to transfer our domain name (website) to you?
Absolutely not! The School Locator System can operate from a domain prefix. Example: schoollocator.yourdistrictswebsite.com. This just requires an addition to your existing DNS information. You can select your own personal domain name prefix. SLS will assist your hosting department with these simple updates through our Application Services.

What if we want a special feature in our system that is not currently available?
ASK FOR IT. SLS will do what we can to add features to make the system a better tool. If we receive requests from multiple districts for the same feature, we will make it our goal to add the new feature to the next version upgrade. As part of the Application Services, you automatically get the new upgrades!

How often do we need to update the data for the SLS?
This will depend on the growth of your district and the community. How often are you building or adding new schools? How often are streets being created or renamed in your area? We recommend at least one conversion per year and SLS will perform up to four conversions in one year through Application Services.

How confidential will our school district information be kept?
COMPLETELY Confidential by SLS! As a matter of fact, SLS is willing to sign a confidentiality statement upon request from your district. Be aware that through normal searches on your site, certain information will naturally be accessible in the search results by any user.

If we have technical issues, who do we contact?
SLS provides UNLIMITED email tech support through Application Services. You are never farther away from immediate assistance than a computer key stroke!

When we decide to invest in the SLS, how long does it take to implement it?
TWO WEEKS. As soon as we receive your local school data we can develop your custom data import , set up your templates and get you ready to go in two weeks or less!

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