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Your School Locator System Data Conversion!

The School Locator System (SLS) is customized for your district. SLS manually converts your custom district data into the system.

SLS will convert your data from your current format into a format compatible with the School Locator System. Sometimes data can contain inherent errors that do not present themselves until utilitized in another system. SLS will even handle common errors such as:

  • swapping reversed high/low blocks
  • exclusion of incomplete records which will in turn be reported to you so you can correct your original records
  • removal of duplicate records
  • reporting of overlaps in data
  • three months of testing!

As part of ongoing Application Service, SLS will continue to assist you with converting your data throughout the year and provide UNLIMITED email tech support.

Get big business involved with your local schools!

· SLS is custom developed with your districts' local addresses.
· Links to each school can be added.
· Maps to each school give easy directions.
·Individual school information added.